A3 UV Exposure Unit with Vacuum T88

The high precision vacuum exposure unit has been especially designed to work with APM photo resist materials.

It's sturdy steel case houses 6 superactinic 20W UV tubes and incorporates special reflectors for minimum undercut.

The artwork and film are held together in a sturdy frame with the assistance of a maintenance free vacuum with gauge display.

The digital timer can be set from 1 second to 99 minutes and benefits from a count-down, auto-reset and beeper.

The maximum exposure area is 57cm x 30cm.


Length: 650.00 mm Width: 620.00 mm Height: 240.00 mm

Key Facts:

  • Design for APM films
  • vacuum pressure
  • digital timer
  • 6 20W UV tubes
  • 57cm x 30cm exposure area