APM Pro Red A4 Sheet 3mill PS3

APM Pro Red is an humidity resistant photo film - Easy carrier sheet removal - Eliminates blotting step - Fast exposure (30 sec) - No special room lighting required - Excellent for colour filling & multi-level sandcarving - Superior detail capabilities

ImagePro© Red is the latest photo resist addition to the rapidly growing PhotoBrasive© film family

This precision-coated photo resist film is designed to repel moisture in high humidity areas of the world, provide accelerated drying times and easy carrier removal

ImagePro© Red boasts fast exposure, fine line resolution capabilities and sandblast durability

Furthermore, if you would like to spice up your decorative sandcarving with a little colour filling, the peel ability of ImagePro© Red makes it the product of choice.


Key Facts:

  • Humidity resistant
  • Easy carrier sheet removal
  • Fast Exposure
  • No special lighting required
  • Ideal for multi-level sandcarving
  • Detailed Resolution
  • Excellent for colour infill

Available in A4 sheets or 7.5M roll and in 3 mm thickness